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Black and White screen in [Windows 10] how to switch it to color?

!!! Due to successive Windows 10 updates, the option below does not always work !!!

When working in Windows 10, you accidentally switched to color-to-monochrome display? Here’s a simple advice on how to get back the original color image again.

Keyboard shortcut for switching – black and white / color display

To switch between black and white and color display, use a keyboard combination:
Win + Ctrl + C

At work, one focuses on a particular thing and occasionally shakes and squeezes something he does not want. And so you can just press Win + Ctrl + C and from nothing we have a black and white environment on Windows 10.

If this happens, nothing is happening … 🙂 , to re-display the color environment, you just need to press the same combination of keys again and Win + Ctrl + C.

So we have a colorful environment for Windows 10 again.

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Sample: of Color environment in Windows 10 …

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