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How to view file extensions in [Windows 10]

File browser shows file name without extension. If you want to display file extensions (most often JPG, DOCX, XLSX, PDF), you can simply change this view and display the individual extensions.

Open the File Explorer, switch to the Views tab, and click the Options icon in the menu (see the steps below).

To view file extensions in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Run a explorer (which is used to crawl through individual folders) in which …

… go to the Display tab => then click Options (see picture below).

Now popup window … Folder Options and again in this window click on the Display tab. Then look for the box “Hide file extensions of known types” and do not have to be a fajfka (as picture below).

This will allow us to see extensions for each file (in file browser). We can see the demonstration in the picture below.

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