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[Facebook] Messenger on a computer without Facebook

You love a messenger from Facebook to communicate with your friends.

You do not mind but have Facebook running on your computer because this is a threat to your attention. At work, you limit the amount of time spent on the internet, which means having a classic web browser running.

In a mobile phone, you can have a messenger installed separately without Facebook. This option is also available on a computer or laptop. So if you want to use a separate messenger on your PC, we have two options:

a) install the program … Messenger for Desktop
b) using only a web browser only … Messengera (via the web)

a) program – Messenger for Desktop

This is a very simple program that is installed on a particular computer or laptop.

This program can be downloaded here:

You must log in after installing this program. To sign in, we’ll use the same account we’ve created on Facebook.

Sample Logon Environment – Messenger for Desktop

We will find a new message announcement at the bottom of the section where the running programs are displayed. By default, we are alerted by the icon blinking (changing to blue).

If we have the hidden warning icon (in the section for running programs), you need to see it.

b) in an internet browser – you can run Messenger separately

You can also use Messenger directly in your browser at the following address:

To sign in, we’ll use again the same account we created on Facebook.

This is how I described two ways to use a messenger without Facebook.

More tips for Windows 10 … (here):
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