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Setting the mouse or touchpad in [Windows 10]

Today we will show how to easily set up basic mouse or touchpad properties in Windows 10.

The setting is for English in Windows 10 …

When do we need this setting?

  • when mouse sensitivity is set,
  • when selecting the primary button,
  • how many rows to move the page when you turn the wheel,
  • and other related settings.

How to set up a mouse or touchpad

Click Start => Settings (toothed wheel) => then click on Devices (Bluetooth, printer, mouse) to display window Settings => …

… => then click on the left mouse or touchpad to get a specific setting …


Partitioning – Mouse settings (Windows 10)

If you click the mouse, we get to the “Mouse”.


Partitioning – Touchpad settings (Windows 10)

If we click on the Touchpad, we get to the “Touchpad”


That’s how we’ve shown how to set up a mouse or touchpad in Windows 10.


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